5 Tips on How to Instill Entrepreneurship Culture in Your Children

Instilling entrepreneurship culture in your kids is a critical step towards securing a brighter future for them. The traditional model of success in life, i.e. (get good grades, get to college, get a high paying job) doesn’t work anymore. Due to technological advances, the job market is shrinking each passing day, which is why you need to be personally involved in your children’s career development by promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in them. The question is: How do you do that. Well, here’s how:

1.     Create a culture of hard work regardless of your financial status to promote their entrepreneurship spirit

It is commonplace to see parents (whether rich or not) give their kids money whenever they ask for it. This is not healthy when you want your children to grow up with an entrepreneurial spirit. A healthy way is to let them work for the money. For, instance, you can set objectives so that when they achieve them, you duly reward them. You can also give them home chores like washing the car, pruning the flower garden and much more and pay them when the task is completed successfully. This way, you’ll be telling them that money comes with hard work and they will grow up knowing so.

2.     Expose them to entrepreneurship situations

Exposing your kids to entrepreneurship situations such as trade fairs and exhibitions will take their building business skills up a notch or two. You can also bring them to other entrepreneurship events like seminars, motivational talks or enroll them in an entrepreneurship school. When kids are exposed to something, they rarely forget it.

3.     Develop your children’s communication skills to enhance their chances of entrepreneurship success

Great entrepreneurs are great communicators. They meticulously communicate business building objectives and goals in an eloquent and comprehensible manner. The key is developing assertive communication in them, and that starts with you. Be assertive when communicating with them instead of being aggressive and they will naturally pick your style.

4.     Creating a successful business is a practical way of fostering entrepreneurship in your children

Good leaders lead by example. If you want your children to be successful entrepreneurs, lead them by example. Create a home-based business or any other form of business, whether merchandising or production-based and make sure you succeed. Walk them around your successful business and explain to them how you started and succeeded. With such exposures throughout their lives, they will surely grow up with strong entrepreneurship spirit.


There are other many ways you can instill entrepreneurship culture into your children such as encouraging them to make decisions, letting them know that failure is part of entrepreneurship, and buying and encouraging them to read encyclopedia business materials or books based on entrepreneurship. If you implement all this, then your children will certainly grow and become successful entrepreneurs.

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